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We tell stories that connect, educate and transform. We want to bring the African story to the world and we provide quality content about the continent to African audiences. We develop global business features and lifestyle programming that is entertaining and educational.

We do it through short video production, creating special series and documentaries, all with strong digital components. ZVM conceptualizes, writes, edits, produces, and presents content. We partner with digital entities, TV networks, and mobile providers to distribute our content.

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Who we are

Zain Verjee is one of the world’s most respected and recognized journalists, with 14 years of experience at CNN as an anchor, reporter and profound interviewer. She has the capacity to put anyone at ease and is able to put a personal touch on her interviews leaving the viewer feeling they are witnessing a private conversation. Beyond the litany of countries she has covered for work, Zain invests her personal time and inquiry in understanding people around the world. She is Kenyan born and passionate about Africa today.

Since joining CNN in 2000, Zain has covered numerous world events and has interviewed some of the most influential men and women of our time. Zain covered the US State Department for CNN USA for two years closely following American foreign policy and travelling with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Zain has a great sense of humour and versatility that is rare. She is able to connect, is charismatic on the air, unique in her approach and always interested. She was recently appointed a UNICEF Children’s Advocate for ‘A Promise Renewed’ promoting child survival globally. Zain enjoys writing and is pursuing a Masters of Studies in Creative Writing at Oxford University where she restlessly reinvents and creatively disrupts.

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