Airport Health Screenings

by Zain Verjee January 11, 2015

Published in Nairobi

Two massive lines were forming at the airport terminal, overflowing on to the Tarmac.

I’ve just landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.  “What’s going on?” I asked a confused looking, jet lagged passenger.  Turned out to be a health screening for all passengers. “It’s for Ebola” I heard someone say, “to pacify tourists that we are doing something here. “.   I walked up to a yellow line, and then was asked by a health official in white gear and a mask, to stand in a marked box on the floor.   A camera somewhere scanned me.   I looked up and saw myself on a screen, or rather, saw myself in what looked like infrared video that can identify if someone has an infection. I’m not a tourist here but I was impressed first at the speed of the line and second at the technology effort. I hope the flashy screens were working.  A day later I was in Entebbe, and this time, we were given hand-cleaning gel upon entering. At the counter a white and blue temperature gun pointed towards me. 33.5. Normal.

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