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by Zain Verjee December 11, 2015

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It’s time to make your Africa come alive

I left CNN to create a media company focused on the diverse African content. It’s called aKoma Media. This is all about your authentic voice, ideas, and opinions. It’s your megaphone to make Africa come alive. There is a new narrative that is dynamic, exciting, powerful and pretty cool. We want to tell it ourselves. Chidi Afulezi, my co-founder, and I have spent every moment of our day over the last six months, building aKoma, sweating it, letting our passion and purpose drive our vision. We have an awesome team with Alanna Bass spearheading, well, everything digital and creative. Naledi Khabo, who is handling strategy for us and challenges our every thought to make us better.

We want to show Africa is a place of innovation that will change the world, we have a vibrant lifestyle, an intellectual middle class, an exciting entrepreneurial spirit, a mind blowing creative industry, a continent where our women are trail blazing and leading. We are connected. We have class. We have problems too. But we can talk about those openly and we are respectful of differences.

We’re building our platform which is currently in a private beta but we also want to grow our community of passionate and talented writers now. We have created an aKoma Publication on Medium, of which I am an editor. I would love for you to follow aKoma so we identify you as part of our future group of writers and content creators.

aKoma means “heart.” That’s the only ingredient we want writers to have. Put your heart into your storyteller’s voice. Let’s #inspireafrica.

To follow the aKoma, please go here.

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