Terminal 1-A 

by Zain Verjee January 11, 2015

Published in Nairobi

Wow.  I stepped out of the taxi at 6am for a flight to Entebbe and pulled up to a spanking new glass building.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s new terminal 1-A.   It’s a signal to he world and Kenyans that we are top class.  I’ve travelled in airports around the world and this is a top-notch aerodynamic effort.  It’s clean and efficient and clear.     Two security checks and high tech screening equipment.   Security staff who look awake!   I was impressed even with neatly lined up dark brown leather slippers,  in case you have to take your shoes off you don’t have to have cold foot contact with the white tiled floor.  Zebras and wild game are painted in the windows to remind us we are in an African county but look anywhere else and it feels like a western airport terminal. Now please can the staff be more familiar with terminal 1-B. No one seemed to know where Emirates airlines was a few days later!


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