Where in the World am I?

by Zain Verjee May 6, 2015

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Many of you have been wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to lately…

I’ve not been chilling out and nor do I plan to drop off the radar, though I really needed it for a while to be honest. Since leaving CNN, I’ve been focusing on the media idea I am passionate about. It’s all about Africa.  The continent I am from.

I’ve landed on a digital concept after I got together with a super digital product guy, Chidi Afulezi, who is Nigerian and a fellow CNN alum.  Together we are bringing you aKoma.  It means “heart”.

We want to tell stories with heart and authenticity.  We also want to work with very talented young Africans in Africa, the diaspora, and business communities globally that want to invest in Africa.  Our goal is to create a beautiful and usable platform, where you can write stories that capture life, ideas, and opinions in Africa today, without any international media representing us.  We represent ourselves, our own voices, using our passion, perspective and our mobile phones.  

You write your stories.  We will deliver the audience for you. That’s our responsibility.  We are working on it really hard. Seriously we are sweating over this to make it happen. It’s time.  We will have a rough version to test soon and we will really need some honest feedback on whether you like it or not, if you will use it or not.  What can we do to make it better?   If you want to get a flavor of what we are up to, please go to www.akomanet.com. I would love it if you became a content creator with us.  When Chidi and I are ready we will invite you to the beta test if you’re game.


Zain and Luka hard at work.

ZV_luka high five

High five to a job well done!

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